Quality Publishing and Publishing Services

Wheelwright Publishing is a small family-owned publishing and publishing services business. We stake our reputation on the quality of our products and services, rather than the quantity. The history of our business goes back over fifty years, but the current owners have been in the publishing services business since 1995 and publishing since 2000.

Our full-color outdoor guides to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks provide park visitors with the tools they need to identify and enjoy the wide variety of wildflowers, plants and animals which are so plentiful in the area. Though each book stands on its own, the three together give the reader a broad picture of the interconnected nature of all life within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Located in Helena, Montana, we take a personal interest in this unique geographical area, and we are close enough to offer timely service to customers.

As well as publishing books ourselves, we offer publishing services to other businesses and individuals. These services include writing, reviewing, editing and indexing. Whether you need text for a brochure, editing of a finished manuscript or an in-depth index for your ready-to-print project, we can fill your needs. With many years of collective experience in the book business—freelance writing, retail book sales, libraries and publishing—our expertise can turn your raw material into a polished finished product ready for presentation or publication.

We are also happy to announce our most recent adventure into western U.S. history with the publication of Not Just Keeping House, the true story of pioneer women whose families became inextricably linked through the settlement of the western frontier. A personal glimpse into the lives of ordinary people who did extraordinary things, this book is also protective of the environment, printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper with a new revolutionary eco-friendly printing process. In addition to this publication, we offer research services in western U.S. family history.

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